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Laser Annealer


Take control of thermal budget and boost device performance using our newly developped µs-UV laser annealing platform.
Open new integration paths for multiple technologies with our compact, mass production oriented QA-3000 fully compliant with semiconductor standards.

  • 150mm-300mm

1. Ultimate control of thermal budget

Optimize thermal budget, both in time and in depth, by combining UV surface-selective anneal and heat diffusion control with tunable irradiation duration (µs timescale).
Such technology opens a new annealing space between sub-melting standard techniques and melting laser anneal.

2. Application 

Reach record dopant activation levels in a diffusion-less and defect-free process for WBG and Silicon materials.
Achieve in-depth dopants activation up to several micrometers or only over a couple of nanometers for advanced ultra-shallow junctions.
Boost metals lines and vias properties such as advanced interconnects.
Form high quality silicides with a thermal budget compatible for a wide range of technologies (SiC MOSFET, CMOS,..).
Optimize dielectrics phases and properties for embedded memories integration or gate stack improvement.

3. Industry Oriented

QA-3000 is a flexible tool compatible with all wafers types and diameters.
Ensure process uniformity with a scan and repeat process.
Reduce footprint on clean room with this compact laser annealing equipment.