Direct Imaging System

The most ideal direct imaging equipment
for various semiconductor package substrates
by starting with FC-CSP

The finest imaging quality

Effectiveness at higher resolution

Curve pattern getting smoother


New function! Design matching, enabling highly accurate alignment!

3 wavelengths LED technology

3 wavelength LEDs technology

Precise quality control by flexible wavelength mixture technology

3 wavelength LED technology

Easy to optimize best condition for every material with exposure power control

Various alignment method

Scan alignment

Further speed-up will be possible by using simultaneous reading of neighbor marks

Alignment algorithm

Variety of algorithms achieve optimal alignment

Auto-focus function

Auto-focus and measures for panel warpage

Supporting board warpage response with auto-focus function and optional mechanism

The idea of automation

Achieving accurate patterning without stopping machine by manual adjustment

The idea of automation

Barcode function

Achieving high traceability of the entire manufacturing process

2D code imaging function

2D code can be added not only to the board but also to each piece


Achieving the idea of automation in exposure process