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lediaweiss カタログ rin

Direct imaging equipment optimized for white resist used in miniLED

miniLED is attracting attention in the display industry as a technology that can achieve high contrast and high brightness, and its adoption in tablets, televisions, car displays, etc. is increasing.
Ledia weiss is a direct imaging system that is ideal for exposing white resist used in miniLED backlight applications.

New light source for white solder resist

Special features of optical heads offer wavelengths, which is suitable for white solder resist.
The new light source achieves reliable hardening of whit e solder resist to greater depths exposure results with higher resolution and quality.

Recognition of difficult-to-see alignment marks

A hidden alignment marks under the white solder resist are recognized and detected. It is a standard function, which enhances the contours of marks

Upgrading from an existing machine to a Ledia weiss.

Your machine can be upgraded to a Ledia weiss