Direct Imaging System

Ledia Twin is the best choice for high
quality and maximum productivity
3-wavelength LED light source SRO = Φ60 μm L / S = 30/30 μm Position accuracy ± 10 μm

Twin stage

By connecting two units, it is possible to continuously expose the front surface with one unit and continuously expose the back surface with the other unit

Both front and back sides can be exposed with one unit

50% increase in productivity

Optical head unit

Multiple surfaces same time

With twin stages, you can efficiently set multiple faces

Optical head unit
Optical head unit

Automatic lines with minimal space

Optical head unit

Automation Support Functions

Optical head unit

Mechanism introduction

Optical head unit

Head unit composed of 3 wavelengths of DMD and UV-LED (365 + 385 + 405nm)

Equipped with up to 6 heads like Ledia 6

Achieve exposure conditions suitable for any resist
by freely manipulating 3 wavelengths in % units

Alignment unit

Achieves extremely high alignment accuracy

Equipped with various drawing data corrections,
and also follows measurement results

On a specific board, you put multiple sheets on the stage
and can exposed at once.

Auto focus unit

Follows the warp of the board and always optimizes the focus position

Can be used without following through holes

Correct in real time without pausing the stage

Calibration unit

Regularly calibrate the alignment camera, exposure head, etc.

Aligns and achieves accurate patterning