Automatic Optical Inspection System

Advanced line-up to meet coming LVH
inspection demand

Inspects entire LVH at extremely high speed


Applied for various materials and processes

A wide range of materials or processes can be accurately inspected with a multi-angle line/dome illumination system.
MIYABI can inspect with a suitable illumination setting for various processes such as CU-direct / Resin-direct and after desmear / after flash-etching.


Applied for various materials and processes


Precise measurement inspection

Precise measurement inspection can be provided by using our own VMeT algorithm, which can perform for entire LVH at high speed.
It does not only detects smear remaining but also realizes quantitative control of LVH's top diameter and bottom diameter as well as the roundness, that is often required for your advanced process control.

  • Simultaneously recognizing accurate LVH's position by extracting key features of designed data and captured image.
  • By measuring the length of all directions from the center of LVH, which it provides accurately recognize the edge of the LVH as well as top and bottom.
  • Recognized more accurate shape of LVH by extracting information around the edge of LVH.
Laser Via Hole

Measurement of outer shape as LVH top

Laser Via Hole

Measurement of inner shape as LVH bottom

Laser Via Hole

Various detection logic / sensitivity settings


Fully equipped analysis function

Proprietary software tools enable thorough analysis of individual boards. Along with CSV files, analysis reports can be output as images for printing, enabling immediate use.


Visualized the shift amount of entire LVH!


Yield improvement through defect collection and analysis

Defect Collection Software for process and quality improvement.

Sentflow's entry package is bundled.
Providing a resource for report with defect images.