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MIYABI ビア検査装置/パターン外観検査装置 カタログ rin

For LVH inspection
Everything you need.

Industry's fastest* inspection throughput is the best performance in any usage

* As of April 2022, according to our research

For sampling inspection

MIYABI, the fastest in the industry, can streamline sampling in spections to the maximum extent possible. You can feel the benefits in all cases, such as new introduction from uninspected, replacement of microscope ch ecking, switching from existing AOI and other automatic inspection equipment.

Also for Total inspection

With the miniaturization of LVH design, the client's eyes are becoming more strict due to the risk of the occurrence of fatal defects, and the demand for 100% inspection is increasing. Only MIYABI, the fastest in the industry, can reasonably meet this demand.

the fastest in the industry

Suitable for various materials and processes, so it will be active for a long term period

Equipped with a polygonal line dome lighting system and three types of LED light sources that can be inspected in any condition. Inspecting is possible under the optimum lighting c onditions according to the process, such as after desmear and after flash etching, as well as the characteristics of the material.

Applied for various materials and processes

Find only what you want to find by using precise length measurement inspection

Originally developed VMeT (Via Major-extraction Technology)* algorithm is the precise length measurement inspection,which is performed for each of the top and bottom of all vias in the plane with one scan.
It not only detects via deviation and smear re sidue, but also realizes quantitative control of via to p diameter, bottom diameter and roundness required for advanced process control.

1 The design data and the captured image for each feature point is extracted, and the accurate via position is recognized by the VMeT, original technology.

2 Accurately recognize the top and bottom edges of the via by measuring the length from the center of the via in all directions.

3 The contour shape is recognized more accurately from the information around the edge and then be inspected.

Find only what you want to find by using precise length measurement inspection

Also effective in detecting penetration defects


  • Defective

    Via bottom copper penetration

  • Defective

    Via bottom copper + lower insulation material penetration


  • Good


*Standard function for grade X / S

Verification work is also the fastest, so the entire inspection process is the fastest in the industry

The verifying unit equipped with the proprietary FIT (Fluorescence-excited Image Technology) *1 it makes the insulating layer on the wall*2 by illuminating the entire inside of the via, the via bottom area can be clearly seen.
In addition to being able to judge at a glance whether or not it is equivalent to a defect, it is a lso p ossible t o d istinguish t he t ype o f foreign matter depending on the material and omit reconfirmation by transferring it to a microscope.

Verification work

In some cases, smear and foreign matter can be identified from the difference in color

Verification work

*1 Optional function for grade X / S
*2 The degree of fluorescence varies depending on the material, so please check in advance

Various detection logic / sensitivity settings

  • hole diameter

    Hole diameter

  • hole difference

    Hole difference

  • Minimum diameter

    Minimum diameter

  • Maximum diameter

    Maximum diameter

  • Bottom minimum diameter

    Bottom minimum diameter

  • Bottom maximum diameter

    Bottom maximum diameter

  • Land nick

    Land nick

  • Foreign material

    Foreign material

  • Hole nick

    Hole nick

  • Hole protrusion

    Hole protrusion

  • Actual roundness

    Actual roundness

  • Missing hole

    Missing hole

Fully equipped with an analysis function will improve your time management for reporting

With our proprietary analysis tool software, analysis is completed at the same time as inspection without affecting throughput. The analysis results can be output not only in CSV but also in print images, so they can be used as they are as reports.


Defect counting software supports process improvement

Results data can be stored on a PC with defective images, and c an be viewed by lot or date and time. It is useful for supporting the creation of repo rts with images, ensuring traceability by managing defective pieces, and analyzing trends to improve yield.

Entry pack as standard bundle

Entry pack as standard bundle

Defect counting software supports process improvement