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New high power model "Ledia 6H"

The Ledia 6H is a high-power version of the Ledia light source unit.

Compared to the current normal power light source, we achieved a

productivity improvement of up to 25%.

Note: It depends on the type of photosensitive material used and process conditions.

最大25%の生産性向上 Maximum improvement 25%

Suitable exposure for any resist type

Ledia has a powerful and wide band 3 wavelength UV-LED light source. From
high sensitivity resist for DI to general purpose dry film resist and solder
resist, Optimal exposure results can be obtained regardless of the type.


Highest drawing quality

Ledia 6 / 6H boasts excellent resolution. We provide extremely high
drawing quality in areas of higher definition and higher added value
such as package substrates and module substrates.

最高水準の描画品質 マイクロメートル写真