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New high power model "Ledia 6H"

The Ledia 6H is a high-power version of the Ledia light source unit.
Compared to the current normal power light source, we achieved a
productivity improvement of up to 25%.
Note: It depends on the type of photosensitive material used and process conditions.

最大25%の生産性向上 Maximum improvement 25%

Suitable exposure for any resist type

Ledia has a powerful and wide band 3 wavelength UV-LED light source. From
high sensitivity resist for DI to general purpose dry film resist and solder
resist, Optimal exposure results can be obtained regardless of the type.

  • Solder resist
  • General purpose dry
    film resist
  • High sensitivity /
    DI dry film resist

Highest drawing quality

Ledia 6 / 6H boasts excellent resolution. We provide extremely high
drawing quality in areas of higher definition and higher added value
such as package substrates and module substrates.

  • L/S 12/12µm

    L/S 12/12µm
    (Fine line model)

  • L/S 30/30µm

    L/S 30/30µm
    (Standard mopdel)

  • 真円度分析

    Minimum dimensions of solder resist opening
    ・Standard model φ60µm
    ・Fine line model: φ40µm