Doc. No.: NR160704E

Kyoto, Japan – July 4, 2016 – SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. has established a company that will perform maintenance services for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing equipment in Pathumtanee province (northern part of the Bangkok metropolitan area). SCREEN GP (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will be positioned as a corporate affiliate of SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd., a core member of the SCREEN Group. The subsidiary will begin operations on August 1, 2016.

In recent years, industries utilizing PCBs have seen a progressive diversification of digital devices, most noticeable in the increasing miniaturization of smartphones and adoption of electronics in automobiles. This trend is occurring against a background of rising demand for products linked to the Internet of Things (IoT). To build more efficient manufacturing systems, many PCB manufacturers are currently accelerating their expansion into Southeast Asian countries. Their development has created a growing need for the creation of a local maintenance network that can provide rapid, high-quality services. This requirement is shared by suppliers of related manufacturing equipment.

Newly established SCREEN GP (Thailand) will perform maintenance services in Thailand related to the direct imaging and inspection equipment for PCBs handled by SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions. The localization of support functions is expected to significantly increase the quality and specialization of services available to SCREEN customers that are expanding their operations in the country. To further improve customer satisfaction, SCREEN is currently considering options for increasing its services to provide 24 hour, 365 day support for production lines in the near future.

SCREEN anticipates the establishment of SCREEN GP (Thailand) will allow it to provide customers with highly detailed maintenance services. This level of support will also make a significant contribution to the expansion of the PCB and other related industries as they continue to grow.
Profile of new company
Name               : SCREEN GP (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Location           : 91/33 Moo 9, Klongnhueng, Klonglhuang, Pathumtanee, 12120 
Incorporation    : July 1, 2016
Capital             : 12.8 million yen, (4 million Thai baht) (subsidiary with investment by SCREEN HD Singapore PTE. Ltd.)
Chief officers    : Shinya Ikeno, president
                          Hitoshi Yamamoto, director (adjunct)
                          Keiichi Kometani, director (adjunct)
                          Regina Oh, director (adjunct)
Personnel         : Six members
Main activities   : Installation, adjustment, repair and modification of PCB manufacturing equipment, parts sales, all related maintenance services