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1962 Dainippon Screen is listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange and the Kyoto Stock Exchange.
The company makes its first appearance at DRUPA, an international printing and reproduction equipment exhibition, held every four years in Germany.
Dainippon Screen signs a contract to market Fairchild Inc.'s color scanner in Japan.
1963 Photo: "Auto Graver"The Auto Graver, an electronic machine used for engraving halftone blocks directly onto the plate from a reflection or transparency original, is launched. The Auto Graver also produces color-compensated separations directly from originals.
Photo: "Shadow masks"Shadow masks for color TV CRTs are developed; full-scale production begins at a newly constructed facility at Hikone Plant two years later.
1966 The company opens is first overseas representative office, in Los Angeles.
Photo: "Scanagraph I"First domestically produced color scanner, the Scanagraph I, is introduced.
Photo: "C-59 Ambassador"Ultraprecise reduction camera for semiconductor production, the C-59 Ambassador, is introduced.
1967 Photo: DS America Inc.The company's first overseas subsidiary, DS America, Inc., is established.
The company's first overseas Asian subsidiary is set up in Taiwan.
Stock is listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1968 Production begins for aperture grilles for Trinitron color CRTs.
First European representative sales office opens, in Dusseldorf.
1969 Stock is listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
1970 Stock is listed on the First Sections of the Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya stock exchanges.
1973 -30th anniversary
Photo: "SG-701"The SG-701, an innovative direct color scanner, is introduced. Sales of the SG-701 in the next few years will set company records.
1974 The company's first European subsidiary, Dainippon Screen (U.K.) Ltd., is established.
1975 Photo: "EMW-322/411"Sales begin for the EMW-322/411 wafer etching machine.
1976 Tape carrier system that fully automates the IC chip mounting process is developed.
1977 Photo: "Fully automatic PCB production line"Together with Elna Ltd., the company develops the world's largest fully automatic PCB production line.
1978 First overseas convertible bond (SFr20 million) is issued. This capital is used for expansion overseas and for upgrading domestic operations.
Dainippon Screen (Deutschland) GmbH is established as a sales and service base in continental Europe.
Photo: "SCW-421"The SCW-421 photoresist coating spinner for semiconductor production is developed.
1979 Dainippon Screen Singapore Pte. Ltd. is established.

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