E series - systems for OLED panel production

Demand for OLED displays is rapidly expanding especially for mobile devices, IT panels and automotive display applications because of their outstanding image quality and flexibility.

 However, the manufacturing stage of the panels presents various challenges in implementing measures to control organic contaminants and micro-particles and also to suppress static electricity.

SCREEN FT plans to further expand its E series lineup with cutting-edge new models. The systems are expected to play an important role in achieving stable mass production of OLED panels.

E series line-up

Flexible substrate formation Coater line
 SK-P series
Backplane formation Coater Developer
 SK-E series
Black PDL formation Coater Developer
 SK-B series
Touch Sensor Panel (TSP) formation Coater Developer
 SK-EH series
Color filter for OLED (AR film) formation Coater Developer
 SK-F series

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