for Color filter for OLED (AR films)


The SK-F series are coater/developers specially designed for the forming process of the Color Filter (CF) films for rollable or foldable OLEDs.

SCREEN FT has leveraged its extensive experience in creating market-proven coater/developers specialized for the manufacture of OLED panels.
The SK-F series  will make a significant contribution to the improvement of yield rates for OLED panels.


  1. The entire process from coating through development of CF films is executed in a single integrated line.
  2. Designed to form CF films on the substrates with an OLED luminescent layer.
  3. Two 6th generation half-substrates processed continuously.
  4. ESD suppressor by conductive member, employment of Levitation Linearcoater Levicoater™, and optimized position of ionizers.
  5. A two-nozzle coater is available for production lines that use multiple types of coating material.



【Substrate size】
  SK-F1500H:1,500mmx925mm (G6 half)

Lineup of Systems Specially Designed  for Production of OLED Panels

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