No.1 series of Coater/Developers for TFT arrays worldwide



  1. High productivity suited to TFT mass-production.
    Integrated system control throughout the line maximizes productivity and efficiency of movement between units.
  2. Linearcoater™ or  LevicoaterTM can be chosen for the coating unit.
  3. Completely automated coating nozzle maintenance enables continuous operations.
  4. The small footprint ensures effective use of limited production space.
  5. The evolution of the SK series has focused on the efficient use of resources.
    Conservation of resources supports environment friendly display production.

Slit Coater Linearcoater™

Superior coating uniformity with efficient resist usage

Offering extremely stable coating performance for a mass-production coater, the Linearcoater™ is incorporated into our SK series of coater system and has gained the top share in the global market for TFT arrays.

  1. With the slit-type coating system, the efficiency of resist usage is almost 100%.
  2. SCREEN's unique slit nozzle design enables superior coating uniformity even when coating large substrates.
  3. Complete automatic nozzle maintenance makes continuous production possible
  4. High-speed coating suitable for today's increasingly large substrates.
  5. Compact and easy-to-install R&D equipment also available

【Coating method
  Slit coating (Die coating)

Slit coater Levicoater™

Levitation transfer type mass-production coater

The Levicoater is a slit coater (die coater) that has developed the coating technology of Linearcoater™  to the levitation  transport method. It is used in the SK series of coater system, which have the world's No. 1 market share for TFT arrays.

  1. High precision coating using Linearcoater™  coating technology
  2. Tact times have been further reduced, greatly increasing productivity for large-size substrates.
  3. Substrates are not held on the stage by suction, preventing particles from attaching to the rear side.
  4. Substrates are transported by levitating, reducing static electricity.

【Coating method 
  Slit coating (Die coating)
【Substrate size
  730 x 920 mm(G4) or larger

* Linearcoater and Levicoater are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.

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