SK-E for OLED backplane
SK-EH for Touch Sensor Panel (TSP)


SCREEN FT has drawn on its many years of expertise as the world's number one producer of coater/developer for LCDs to create a range of systems purpose-built for the production of OLED panels.

  • Coater/Developer for OLED backplane manufacturing  SK-E1500G
  • Coater/Developer for Touch Sensor Panel (TSP) production SK-E1500H


Established following specifications to achieve Line/Space (L/S) of 1.5um and below.

  1. Full use of mini-environment technologies to effectively control contamination created by suspended particles
  2. ESD suppressor by conductive member, employment of Levitation Linearcoater Levicoater™, and optimized position of ionizers.
  3. A two-nozzle coater is available for production lines that use multiple types of coating material.
  4. SK-E1500H can process two 6th generation half-substrates simultaneously. This ability delivers sgnificant improvements in production efficiency.


Substrate size
SK-E1500G: 1,500mm x 1,850 mm (G6)
SK-E1500H: 1,500mm x   925 mm (G6 half)

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