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SCREEN PE Solutions Co., Ltd.

SCREEN PE Solutions
Hitoshi Yamamoto, President

Developing a Business Structure That Rapidly Responds to the Needs of the Market

SCREEN PE Solutions Co., Ltd. has taken over the SCREEN Group's PCB-related equipment business and is engaged in activities as a business operating company providing a range of equipment and services for the production of printed circuit boards.

With the refocusing of main applications from personal computers to smartphones, the needs of market areas using PCB-related equipment are changing dramatically year on year. Now more than ever, equipment must be able to meet increasingly short turnaround times and flexibly accommodate different specifications.

To respond to this changing business environment and promptly satisfy customer requirements, it has become essential for SCREEN to accelerate the speed of its management processes. With this in mind, our company began independent operations as a specialized manufacturer of PCB-related equipment in April 2017.

Our main products include exposure and inspection equipment used in the manufacture of PCBs for smartphone and tablet devices as well as in-vehicle systems. I am pleased to say our systems have already established a strong reputation for their performance.

We also plan to fully utilize the SCREEN Group's core direct imaging and image processing technologies to develop new systems and solutions related to direct imaging exposure equipment. These products will target the main type of packaging, fan-out panel level packages (FOPLP). We believe this strategy will help us to most effectively support the continuing business development of our customers.

As we move forward, I hope we can continue to enjoy the same level of warm support our customers have shown us in the past.

Main Field and Products

  • Direct Imaging System

    Direct Imaging System

  • Automatic Optical Inspection System

    Automatic Optical Inspection System

  • Automatic Final Visual Inspection System

    Automatic Final Visual Inspection System

  • Defect Tabulation Software

    Defect Tabulation Software

Company Profile

Company name

SCREEN PE Solutions Co., Ltd.

Registered head office Tenjinkita-machi 1-1,Teranouchi-agaru 4-chome, Horikawa-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
Established October 28, 2016
Representative Hitoshi Yamamoto, President
Capitalization 100 million Yen
Main Fields of Business PCB-related equipment business
Group Company MEBACS Co., Ltd.
Trivis Co., Ltd.
SCREEN GP (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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