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June 6, 2013

Doc. No.: NR130606E

Dainippon Screen Receives 9th JPCA Award from Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association
FP-9000 Automatic Final Visual Inspection System for PCB

Kyoto, Japan - June 06, 2013 - Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. has received one of the 9th JPCA Awards from the Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association for its recently developed FP-9000 automatic final visual inspection system* for PCB.








JPCA Award presentation ceremony

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The 9th JPCA Awards, of which Dainippon Screen was a recipient, targeted companies making announcements at the NPI (New Product Introduction) Presentations for exhibitor products/technology seminars, organized by the Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association in conjunction with its JPCA Show 2013 (43rd International Electronic Circuits Exhibition). The award system was established in 2005 to provide comprehensive evaluation and public recognition of product/technical innovation, contribution to electronic circuit technology and industry expansion, and enhancement of reliability. In this the ninth year of the awards, prizes were given to five of the 16 total themes submitted.

Dainippon Screen plans to use the receipt of this JPCA Award as an opportunity to push forward with its goal of establishing the FP-9000 as the de facto standard for the final visual inspection of PCB. Screen also remains focused on the creation of new technologies that will contribute to the continuing expansion of the electronic circuit industry.



Comments from Hitoshi Yamamoto, Vice President of Media And Precision Technology Company
The receipt of this prestigious JPCA Award is naturally a great honor for our company. Our prize-winning FP-9000 automatic final visual inspection system represents a significant step forward in further improving yield rates for PCB via its role in the inspection process. We are extremely happy the technical innovation and also leadership that made this possible has received such high recognition.
This is in fact the fourth time our company has received an award, including the FP-8000/8500 automatic final visual inspection system winning in 2005 and the Sentflow defect tabulation software in 2007. This recognition is underpinned by the expectations of the PCB industry for our company, and while delighted, we intend to remain focused and reset ourselves for this challenge. We will of course continue with our efforts to meet the needs of our customers and also to develop next-generation technology that contributes to the further expansion of the industry.


* System that inspects PCB for visual and functional defects before assembly. Thanks to its redesigned transfer mechanism, the FP-9000 delivers high throughput of up to 15,000 boards per day. In addition, this model is equipped with a color digital interpolation function capable of generating smooth, high-resolution inspection images as well as a four channel imaging sensor that features three color channels plus a black and white channel. Together these functions improve the detection capabilities for defects in detailed and dark areas. (See



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