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Rules and Compliance Issues

SCREEN Group CSR Charter & Code of Conduct

Our Group has established "SCREEN Group CSR Charter & Code of Conduct" that discribes the principles of action based on SCREEN's corporate philosophy and establishes the standards for all officers and employees of the SCREEN Group to comply with pursuant to the Code of Conduct.

Booklets of "SCREEN Group CSR Charter & Code of Conduct" have been published in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and distributed to all officers and employees of the SCREEN Group in Japan and abroad.

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Organization and Promotion System

Constructing a Global Compliance Promotion Structure

The SCREEN Group promotes compliance in accordance with the SCREEN Group CSR Charter. The CSR & Group Audit Department and Legal Department plays the central role in compliance promotion.
Also, at each overseas Group company, we work with local attorneys conversant in local laws to determine the state of compliance, clarify any issues, and implement improvement measures.
The CSR & Group Audit Department conducts internal audits of the status of legal compliance and adherence to corporate ethics. During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, internal audits were conducted at 22 Group companies, including 4 overseas locations. The Department also conducts follow-up audits each year to confirm that issues identified in the previous year’s audits have been resolved.
For the prevention and early detection of any illegal, dishonest, unethical, or fraudulent conduct or acts, we have established an internal reporting hotline (“the Whistleblowing System”) run by the CSR & Group Audit Department that all Group employees and executives can directly access. We have also established hotlines operated through legal firms and other third-party agents to further facilitate whistleblowing.
Regarding the implementation of the hotline, we are strictly managing security and protection of whistleblowers from any detriment by the internal regulation. Hotline also can be used under anonymity.

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Security Export Control

The Security Export Control Department handles one of the key issues of the Group: ensuring total compliance with legislation on exporting products and components. The department obtains updates on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and other export control-related legislation, making this information available to executives and employees involved in export-related businesses. Furthermore, the department supports compliance with export control processes as defined by internal regulations, such as product classification and transaction screening.
After the transition to the holding company structure, the Group’s four business operating companies were approved by the Director of Osaka Customs as “authorized exporters” under the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program. As the legal auditing department within the Group’s AEO system, the Security Export Control Department supports the four business operating companies’ activities aimed at maintaining their AEO status.

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Preventing Anti-Competitive Behavior and Corruption

To prevent collusion, the formation of private monopolies and other behaviors that run counter to anti-monopoly and other competition legislation as well as both the giving and acceptance of hospitality or gifts for trade benefits, in addition to maintaining the CSR Charter, which espouses fair transactions, the Group formulates guidelines and provides training for the prevention of anti-competitive behaviors. We thereby ensure awareness among executives and employees. During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, no violations constituting anti-competitive behavior or anti-trust or monopolistic practices were observed.

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Respect for Human Rights

Picture: Help line awareness posterInternal reporting hotline awareness poster

Respect for Human Rights The SCREEN Group CSR Charter espouses respect for the fundamental human rights of each person. It repudiates harassment of any kind and pledges non-tolerance of child and forced labor. It also stipulates refusal to take part in the infringement of human rights and respect for the rights, cultures, and customs of workers.

The SCREEN Group strives to act with fairness, honesty, and respect for human rights in its relationships will all stakeholders, including those working for customers and suppliers, local communities, and shareholders.

In addition to implementing internal training programs to prevent workplace harassment, we have made an internal hotline available to facilitate the reporting of and consultation regarding human rights abuses. This hotline is available for use by both Group employees and the employees of partner companies working on Group premises. 

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Providing Appropriate Product Information

Each departments involved in company, IR, Legal, and Intellectual Property, verify product and service information prior to its external release. In this way, we work to ensure fair and accurate information disclosure.

In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, there were no significant legal violations by any Group company in areas related to the provision of information about or labeling of products and services or marketing. Going forward, we intend to conduct thorough checks of each Group company to continue to prevent infractions.

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Performance Report

CSR performance report is available in the Annual Report (includes CSR Data Sheets).

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