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Reducing CO2 Emissions

Reducing CO2 Emissions from Business Activities

The SCREEN Group’s CO2 emissions for the year ended March 2017 were 53,357 metric tons, representing a 1.6% increase on the previous year. However, the domestic Group reduced emissions by 19%, well above the GV21 Phase III annual target of reducing emissions per unit weight of product shipment to at least 3% below the baseline*1.

*1 Average for fiscal 2012-2014

Reducing CO2 Emissions from Logistics Operations

Overseas sales account for nearly 80% of net sales and much of the equipment we produce in Japan is assembled at customer sites. Accordingly, we have made reducing CO2 emissions during transport a key priority. The Company is working proactively to achieve a modal shift during shipping, from trucks to marine and rail.

The SCREEN Group has been authorized to use the Eco-ship Modal Shift Mark since December 2011.

Expansion of coastal shipping and use of overseas shipping for unified transport

Expansion of Coastal Shipping and Use of Overseas Shipping for Unified Transport

* Simplified packaging technology: A new style of packaging that does not use wood or reinforced cardboard.

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