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Environmental Activities

We strive to reduce CO2 emissions from our business activities, the use of our products, and our logistics operations.

  • •Reducing CO2 Emissions from Business Activities
  • •CO2 Emissions and Emissions per Unit of Weight of Product Shipment
  • •Electricity Used
  • •Reducing CO2 Emissions from Logistics Operations

Since fiscal 2010, we have expanded the range of items included in our calculation of waste disposed of outside the Company, and have been working to reduce such waste.

  • •Reducing Waste
  • •Responding to Chemical Substance Regulations
  • •Reducing Water Used and the Conservation of the Ecosystem

We work to meet chemical substance regulations and promote appropriate chemical substance management.

  • •Environmental Protection
  • •Contributing to Customers' Environmental Preservation Efforts
  • •Reducing CO2 Emissions from the Use of Our Products
  • •Green Printing Certification
  • •Expanding Sales of Green Products
We disclose the material balance of the domestic Group.

We are expanding sales of Green Products to promote the reduction of environmental impacts at our customers’ facilities.

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