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POWER of SOLUTION The POWER of SOLUTION refers to our ability to transform the semiconductor industry using customer-oriented solutions.


Technology & Development

The semiconductor market is developing at dizzying speed, with rapid miniaturization in the advanced device field and ongoing diversification of applications in the IoT device field. We provide innovative technologies and solutions specifically created for this market.


We are fully committed to supporting collaborative efforts to understand market growth and trends, cutting-edge development by consortiums, cooperative industry-university projects and open thinking that crosses industry barriers.

Productivity, SCM

We are constantly seeking to create a production environment that offers greater automation and efficiency. This includes the construction of our S3 (S-Cube) Factory, a facility that will increase our current output by 150%. These efforts are enabling production innovations that will allow us to respond to customer needs more quickly than ever before.

Service & Support

Our Global Field Operation program enables us to deliver the highest level of service in each of our markets around the world. It is matched by our unique support system that allows us to provide every one of our users with personalized, customer-oriented assistance that precisely meets their needs.