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Chip Scale Review Publishes New Article Introducing SCREEN Technologies

March 01, 2021

Chip Scale Review.jpgUS-based Chip Scale Review, one of the world’s leading magazines for the semiconductor field, has carried an article contributed by SCREEN on its direct imaging technologies.

As the miniaturization of semiconductors has gradually approached its physical limits in recent years, manufacturers have focused on connecting an ever increasing number of chips on a single substrate. This can be clearly seen in the push to develop the heterogenous integration technologies that are necessary for high-performance packages used in deep learning and other machine learning systems. However, creating the connection wiring between the sequences of individual chips also requires sophisticated position measurement of all chips as well as flexible correction of imaging data. These factors have led to significant challenges in mass production.

As a solution to these issues, SCREEN has developed a new high-speed imaging system that combines its DW-6000 direct imaging system and MC-6000 measurement system. While the DW-6000 features SCREEN’s proprietary optical device and batch data correction software, the MC-6000 delivers the industry’s fastest measurement of chip positions. Together, these systems provide next-generation packaging processes.

SCREEN remains fully committed to continuing its development of unique technologies that support mass production of advanced packages as devices become increasingly miniaturized.

While working to meet the diverse needs of each customer, it also intends to progressively contribute to the expansion of the wider industry as a leading manufacturer of semiconductor cleaning equipment.



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Chip Scale Review is the preeminent international magazine leading the way in middle-of-line (MOL), back-end-of-line (BEOL), and associated technologies for advanced semiconductors. Engineers, engineering managers, R&D technologists, scientists, and executives at key semiconductor companies, R&D Institutes, packaging foundries, OSATS, and test houses, are a short but important list of the broad array of industry experts and insiders who read CSR. Our readers require in-depth data and information to stay current on technological advances and their applications. The magazine showcases industry leaders with technical articles along with executive interviews, market forecasts from veteran industry analysts, reports on research institutions, events and reviews, and international supplier directories of equipment manufacturers, materials suppliers and service providers.

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