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SCREEN Presents Six New Cleaning and Surface Preparation Technologies at UCPSS 2021

April 19, 2021

UCPSS 2021 (The Symposium on Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces 2021), one of the leading symposia in the field of cleaning and surface preparation for semiconductor manufacturing, was held from April 12 (Monday) to 15 (Thursday) and SCREEN made a total of six technical presentations.


Organized by IMEC, based in Leuven, Belgium, UCPSS is a bi-annual international event focusing on contamination control, cleaning and surface preparation for micro- and nano-technology for electronic applications and related fields such as bio-electronics. In past editions, it gathered 250 to 300 experts and specialists. Considering the safety of its participants as the highest priority, the symposium was rescheduled from the original date in September 2020 and took place in a virtual (i.e. Internet-based) format.


In cutting-edge logic, memory and other semiconductor devices, circuits are becoming even more scaled and highly integrated, and the semiconductor manufacturing process requires cleaning technology that is more sensitive and controllable than ever before. SCREEN gave four oral presentations and two poster presentations, including “Scalable Particle Removal for Sub-5 nm Nodes,” which is the result of joint research with IMEC, as a cleaning and surface preparation technology necessary for the advanced semiconductor devices expected to appear in the next few years.


Titles of Presentation-based Announcements*
2.1: Highly Selective Etching between Different Oxide Films by Vapor Phase Cleaning
6.1: Effect of Hydrophobicity and Surface Potential of Silicon on SiO2 Etching in Nanometer-sized Narrow Spaces
6.6: Breakthrough of Sublimation Drying by Liquid Phase Deposition
7.4: Scalable Particle Removal for Sub-5 nm Nodes


Titles of Poster-based Announcements*
P03: Removal of SOC Hard Mask for Patterning of Work Function Metal by Thermally Activated Ozone Gas
P04: Removal of Post Etch Residue on BEOL Low-K with Nanolift


* The initial numbers refer to the UCPSS program (
With these new developments, SCREEN continues to drive forward technological innovation as it works to meet the needs of its customers for ever greater functionality, diversification and energy efficiency. SCREEN remains fully committed to supporting the future growth of the semiconductor industry as a leading manufacturer of cleaning and surface processing equipment.