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Responsibility to Investors


Disclosure Policy

Based on the principle of “Appropriate Disclosure of Company Information” laid out in the SCREEN Group CSR Charter, the SCREEN Group has established and published the SCREEN Group Disclosure Policy, aimed at helping shareholders, investors, and all stakeholders to better understand the Group. The disclosure policy serves as a foundation for efforts to ensure that disclosure is transparent, fair, ongoing, timely, and appropriate.
The SCREEN Group will continue to actively disclose information that is considered to be useful for facilitating constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors.

Dialogue with Shareholders

The aim of our investor relations (IR) activities is to communicate our vision, business conditions, and financial position in a precise, timely, and clear-cut fashion to shareholders and investors, while aiming to make the most of the feedback received from them to improve company management and thereby achieve the sustained enhancement of our corporate value. We publish an annual report, investors’ guide, and quarterly Japanese-language shareholder newsletter, and our website contains IR information such as explanations of our operating results as well as information on product releases. Through these initiatives, we are endeavoring to achieve proper disclosure.
We avoid scheduling the General Meeting of Shareholders on days when other companies’ meetings tend to be concentrated, and we send out invitations to the meeting well in advance to maximize the number of shareholders who can attend. Individual and corporate shareholders can also exercise their voting rights via the internet, and institutional investors can do so via an electronic voting platform. For overseas investors, we provide a summary version of the invitation in English on TDnet (the Timely Disclosure network operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange) and on our website. Furthermore, we post the invitation to the General Meeting of Shareholders, as well as the voting results, on our website to ensure the transparency of the meeting.

73rd General Meeting of Shareholders73rd General Meeting of Shareholders

President Kakiuchi at a briefing session for overseas investorsPresident Kakiuchi at a briefing session for overseas investors

Performance Report

CSR performance report is available in the Annual Report.

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