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Responsibility to Investors


Providing Accurate Information in a Timely and Comprehensible Manner

Our basic policy in investor relations (IR) is to communicate our vision, business conditions and financial position in a precise, timely and clear-cut fashion, with an intention to make the most of the feedback from our shareholders and investors to improve Company management and thereby achieve sustained enhancement of our corporate value.
We also continue to provide disclosure to shareholders and investors through our annual report, investors’ guide and our quarterly Japanese-language shareholder newsletter. Our IR website contains IR materials, news and schedules and provides answers to frequently asked questions.



Enhancing the Transparency of the General Meeting of Sharefolders

The Company avoids scheduling the General Meeting of Shareholders on days when other companies’ meetings tend to be concentrated. In 2007 an e-voting system was established to allow shareholders to exercise their voting rights via the internet. Presentation materials to accompany our results briefings are created with a lot of visual aids such as charts, and are projected onto a large screen. 
We hold an informal talk session after the General Meeting of Shareholders to provide opportunities for shareholders to exchange opinions with  the management team.




73rd General Meeting of Shareholders73rd General Meeting of Shareholders

President Kakiuchi at a briefing session for overseas investorsPresident Kakiuchi at a briefing session for overseas investors


Performance Report

CSR performance report is available in the Annual Report. 


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