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Kyoto, Japan – October 21, 2020 – SCREEN PE Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN PE) has finalized development of high-production direct imaging system “Ledia Twin”. The system supports pattern formation on printed circuit boards (PCBs) such as HDI (high density multilayer) boards and IC substrates, for which demand is rapidly increasing for 5G applications. Ledia Twin is scheduled to be released in January 2021.



Ledia Twin
Expected start date for sales: January 2021
Expected annual sales (first year): 25 systems

As the introduction of 5G has continued worldwide in recent years, printed circuit boards for 5G-compatible smartphones, base stations and data centers have experienced rapidly increasing demand. However, the accompanying trend toward greater miniaturization and density of the HDI boards and IC substrates for 5G-related applications and data centers has also created a need for increasingly precise pattern formation. For PCB manufacturers, this has made both higher-definition imaging and improved productivity urgent priorities.

Against this background, SCREEN PE has developed Ledia Twin, its latest addition to the Ledia series. Serving as direct imaging systems for PCBs, a total of more than 600 Ledia models have been adopted worldwide. This track record has essentially made Ledia the industry’s de facto standard for solder resist1 applications.

With its ability to perform pattern exposure of apertures with a diameter of 60 µm in solder masks, Leida Twin continues the Ledia series’ strength in high-precision imaging. It also adds a new dual stage mechanism. While exposure is being performed on one of these stages, the board on the other can be replaced and its alignment marks scanned. This achieves a significant reduction in work time. The imaging time itself has also been shortened by the adoption of a more powerful light source. Together these and other innovations improve productivity by up to around 50%.2

Ledia Twin will be introduced at TPCA Show 2020, to be held in Hall 1 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in Taiwan from October 21 (Wed) to 23 (Fri). It will also be presented in a virtual exhibition staged on SCREEN PE’s official Website.

The upcoming expansion of the Ledia series lineup is expected to accelerate SCREEN PE’s growth in the HDI and package board segment as the market is boosted by the roll-out of 5G. SCREEN PE is committed to meeting the needs of the PCB industry as it targets areas such as increased automation and environmental preservation, and also to supporting the industry’s long-term growth.

Virtual exhibition

SCREEN PE will hold a virtual exhibition introducing various PCB-related systems via a dedicated area on its official Website.

TPCA Show 2020

In addition to PCBs, this exhibition presents a comprehensive range of equipment, materials and technologies related to the electronics industry.

1. An insulating protective film used to cover the surface of a board.
2. Compared to conventional SCREEN PE systems.

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