Slit Coater LC-R300G/400G

Compact slit coater that flexibly responds to all coating conditions and materials and achieves exceptional coating uniformity


  1. Compact and easy-to-introduce experimental equipment that has been well received for experimental use in development departments and university institutions.
  2. Inheriting the high-precision coating technology of LinearcoaterTM, the No.1 slit coater for display.
  3. Due to its liquid feed method that employs a super-low volume pump, testing with the LC-R300G is possible with as little as 50 cc (15-cc pipe capacity) of coating material.
  4. In addition to coating of the entire surface, stripe coating, intermittent coating and block coating are possible.
  5. Vacuum Dry Chamber and Hot Plate are also available (option).
  6. Installation of the LC-R300G in an environmental chamber enables coating tests under an environment in which oxygen, moisture, and other parameters are controlled.

Supports coating tests to mass production

  1. At our facilities, we accept application evaluation and coating tests for base materials, coating materials, and coating conditions according to customer requirements.
  2. Experienced process engineers provide full support for equipment tuning to ensure desired uniformity without uncoating or application unevenness.
  3. We support mass production with a diverse lineup of Linearcoater™ series.
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  4. Please contact us for contracted services.

Basic specifications

 Model name
 Coating method
Slit coater (Die coater)
 Substrate type
Glass, resin, film, metal foil, etc.
 Substrate size
Max. W300 x L300 mm
W50 x L50 to W400 x L500 mm
 Suitable viscosity

1 to 10,000 mPa・s


910 x 940 x 1,700 mm

1,758 x 2,000 x 2,150 mm

* Linearcoater is a registered trademark and/or a trademark of SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. 

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