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Shipments of Cleaning Tools Exceed Cumulative Total of 7,000 for Three Series

August 03, 2018

Doc. No.: SPE180803E

Kyoto, Japan - August 3, 2018 - SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN) has reached a cumulative total of over 7,000 tools for shipments of its major cleaning tool series consisting of the FC series (wet stations), SU series (single wafer cleaners) and SS series (spin scrubbers). The cumulative totals for each series are over 2,000 tools for the FC series and SU series respectively and 3,000 tools for the SS series.


SU-3300 Single Wafer Cleaner

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Applications of semiconductor devices are expanding in our current IoT-based society, where everything around us is connected, as well as in digital product fields such as computers and smartphones. To support expanding markets, semiconductor devices are evolving with greater miniaturization and high integration. With further miniaturization and integration, problems are increasingly being introduced by the particles and contamination generated in manufacturing processes. Particles and contamination cause a drop in yield rates in advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes. Thus, cleaning tools to remove these particles and contamination are essential.

SCREEN's cleaning tools are well recognized by the market for their high productivity and particle/contamination removal efficiency. Today, these tools are used in manufacturing processes in a wide variety of areas from advanced logic/memory to power devices for vehicles and communication devices for the IoT. The tools in the FC, SU and SS series have obtained a number one worldwide market share* in each category.

SCREEN will continue to promote innovation and development to support semiconductor device manufacturing and contribute to the development of the semiconductor industry.

* Gartner "Market Share: Semiconductor Wafer Fab Equipment, Worldwide, 2017" 18 April 2018 Chart created by SCREEN based on Gartner research Revenue from Shipments of Single-Wafer Processors, Wet Stations and Scrubbers, worldwide 2017.

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