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SCREEN Launches a New High-Performance Wet Station with a 50% Smaller Footprint and 150% Higher Productivity

July 10, 2017

Doc. No.: SPE170710-1E

Kyoto, Japan - July 10, 2017 - SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. has finalized development of its CW-2000 compact wet station. The new system halves the footprint of its conventional model, the highly reputed CW-1500, while boosting productivity by up to 150%. The CW-2000 will be released to the market on July 10.



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The demand for electronic devices incorporating 200 mm semiconductor wafers has increased significantly in recent years, driven mainly by their growing use in smartphone and automotive applications. Requirements for a wide range of other devices are also expected to rise with the continuing expansion of the Internet of Things. These changes have greatly increased the need for a cleaning system that can flexibly handle a variety of wafer types, sizes and production volumes while delivering outstanding cost performance.

Responding to these worldwide trends, SCREEN has developed its ground-breaking CW-2000 compact wet station. The new model joins the company's CW-1500, a system that fully utilizes its many years of expertise and experience in creating cutting-edge batch cleaning technologies.

With the CW-2000, SCREEN has adopted an innovative all in one concept that has enabled it to integrate the system's chemical supply and cooling units into the main body. These units previously had to be installed as accessory devices in a sub-area at each semiconductor production facility but integrating them into the CW-2000 body has achieved dramatic space savings of almost 50% compared to other systems.

SCREEN has also upgraded the CW-2000's transfer system, allowing it to clean up to 150 wafers per hour as a standard specification. This already impressive volume can be boosted to 300 wafers per hour with the optional half-pitch specification. In addition, facilities can select the number of processing baths used in the CW-2000 according to their specific goals and applications. The ability to flexibly extend operations makes the system ideal for a wide range of needs from R&D to mass production.

The release of the CW-2000 compact wet station places SCREEN in a strong position to expand its business in the market for equipment handling wafers of 200 mm or smaller. Demand for electronic devices that use these wafers is expected to increase rapidly as development of the Internet of Things accelerates. SCREEN also anticipates that the CW-2000 will support the continuing expansion and diversification of the overall semiconductor industry thanks to its advances in concept and design.

  • Note: SCREEN plans to introduce the CW-2000 at SEMICON West 2017, which is being held from July 11 (Tue) to 13 (Thu) in San Francisco, USA.

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