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Kyushu Japan Earthquake influence on Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Vol.3

April 28, 2016

Doc. No.: SPE160428E

In addition to the magnitude 6.5 earthquake which struck Kumamoto City, Kyushu Region on the evening of April 14th with continuing foreshocks, from the early morning of April 16th, large-scale magnitude 7.3 earthquakes with epicenters in the Kumamoto and Oita Regions have occurred in succession.
I herein report as a follow-up on our key component supplier situation and influence on our product and parts shipments as of 4:00 pm Japan standard time, April 28th.

1. Recovery Status of our Key Component Suppliers in Affected Area

We have 3 primary suppliers whose manufacturing area had been affected by the earthquake as previously announced. We have been closely working with those suppliers to identify their recovery plans and have confirmed that their manufacturing is gradually coming back to normal operations since aftershocks have become smaller in size and fewer in number. Two suppliers have started to ramp alternative manufacturing facilities to recover their manufacturing capacity and are scheduled to start operations at those facilities by early May.

2. Screen Product Shipments Status

Based on the recovery progress of those affected suppliers, we are now closely working to understand the impact to our tool manufacturing so we are capable to operate our manufacturing activities at normal levels. At this point, there will not be any affect caused by this Kyushu Japan earthquake to our product shipments.


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