Defect Tabulation Software Sentflow


The Sentflow’s defect analysis package for inspection systems is software that automatically collects and manages log data such as inspection results from Dainippon Screen’s AOI systems and actual defects identified by verification systems. Defect information generated in the inspection process can be viewed easily using Internet Explorer. Conventional process took an
extremely long time to collect data in the event of a problem. Introducing the defect analysis package makes it possible to easily see inspection results no matter where you are. The package also provides the ability to identify causes in the event of a problem as well as identify the extent of the problem. And it can improve processing by providing feedback of inspection results to front-end processes.

Main functions

  • Display of verification defect log
  • Display of production results
  • Redundant defect alarm
  • Display of AOI inspection results*
  • Defective piece management*
  • Display of defect maps*
  • *Option