Automatic Optical Inspection System MIYABI 7

In the newly developed lighting unit mounted on MIYABI 7, three types of light sources can be selected, and even substrates hard to secure contrast can be seen, and favorable inspection results can be obtained. Also equipped with newly developed logic for LVH (laser via).
MIYABI 7 detects any abnormalities in PCB hole inspections, such as hole diameter deviation and via bottom failure, up to the LVH of the top diameter 60 μm class in addition to the through hole.


Incredibly easy setup of front-end software

MIYABI 7’s dedicated CU-9000 setup station has undergone a major upgrade. Operators now only need to input the inspection conditions directly from their instruction document and the CU-9000 will automatically create optimized settings. After this, it is simply a matter of selecting a recipe and specifying the board thickness. The entire process can be completed in around 15 minutes.

New high-precision illumination system

Our uniquely designed multi-angle line/dome illumination system eliminates variations in light intensity. This feature allows it to achieve far sharper contrast, even on captured images of boards for which it was previously difficult to maintain sufficient definition between pattern and substrate areas. The end result is more accurate inspection than ever before.

Precise detection using separate pad and line settings

MIYABI 7 is equipped with our newly developed inspection function for pad and line features. This function uses individual parameters to perform length inspection for each pad and line width, significantly increasing the accuracy of defect detection.

New advanced logic for hole inspection

Along with its highly regarded ability to perform length inspection in subpixel units, MIYABI 7 features newly developed logic for dedicated handling of laser via holes (LVH). The new logic allows it to detect errors in via bottoms with high precision as well as conventional defects such as hole deviation, diameter and breakage errors. MIYABI 7 is now able to inspect through holes and LVH with a top diameter of 60 μm while simultaneously scanning patterns.


Enhanced analysis functions

Proprietary software tools enable thorough analysis of individual boards. Along with CSV files, analysis reports can be output as images for printing, enabling immediate use.

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