Direct Imaging System Ledia 6

The Ledia direct imaging system continues to deliver the reliable exposure technology needed to meet the growing requirement for a wide variety of printed circuit boards. Ledia is able to supply the increasingly dense, high-precision PCBs required for mobile devices as well as the expanding field of car electronics.
The flexible control enabled by its three wavelength light source provides broader coverage of the wavelength regions for exposure, significantly expanding the number of supported resist types. This format improves productivity by up to 100 percent compared to two wavelength models.
Ledia is also equipped with a proprietary alignment algorithm that compensates for substrate distortion. This function helps to maintain the exceptionally high-definition finish and outstanding throughput direct imaging systems are known for.
Ledia brings together a comprehensive range of cutting-edge technologies for direct imaging that have kept it at the forefront of the industry. If your company is serious about growing its business and profits, Ledia is the partner you need.


Ledia 6H with high-power light source

New head unit with more powerful light sources is loaded on Ledia 6H. Compared with the current model, 6H increases productivity by up to 25%.

*Actual result will depend on the kind of resist and process condition being used.

UV-LED multi-wavelength exposure

The Ledia direct imaging system features a UV-LED light source that offers excellent energy efficiency and durability as well as environmental resistance.
The light source delivers more powerful exposure and wider coverage using SCREEN technology that efficiently synthesizes multiple wavelengths.
Due to its ability to uniformly diffuse energy through resist film from top to bottom, it can provide high-quality exposure with not only highly sensitive resist but the dry film and solder resist used by conventional contact and projection exposure systems.

High-quality exposure with all resist type

Three kinds of spectrum can be controlled independently and it can expose all type of resist using an optical output ration.


High-speed alignment

Ledia 6 and 6H can scan multiple alignment marks without pausing the
This function can maintain high-throughput consistently even if the number of the alignment marks is increased.

Image quality supporting high value added fields

Both Ledia 6 and 6H feature outstanding resolution. These two systems are able to provide the exceptionally high image quality required for package and module PCBs and other high precision and value added fields.


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Direct Imaging System Ledia 6