Automatic Final Visual Inspection System FP-9200


Simplifed, High-speed Setup

Automatic setting streamlines setup and parameter adjustment

A variety of convenient functions are available to accelerate setup procedures. Auto-preparation enables all operations from substrate image scanning to master creation to be automatically set in a single process, while test inspection skips the transfer step for test substrates, allowing repeated inspection. Auto-false call elimination also assists with the adjustment of inspection parameters. Compared to standard systems, the FP-9200 series provides a new level of simplifed, high-speed setup.


High Resolution and Detection Capabilities

Highly stable detection environment minimizes defect calls

The FP-9200F adds superior 18 μm resolution to a lineup that already includes a standard 30 μm model (FP-9200S). Both systems feature an infrared light source that signifcantly increases the detection accuracy for defects hidden under solder resist, as well as a range of algorithms designed to fnd diffcult to locate defects. The FP-9200 series provides an advanced solution to high-precision inspection requirements.

Deep Learning Using Inspection Results Cuts Verifcation Times

False call filtering system (Under development)

Classifcation results for true defects and false calls produced during manual verifcation are stored as system data. Once the inspection unit determines that specifc substrates contain defects, the AI automatically analyzes them for false calls based on the previously stored classifcation data. This greatly reduces the volume that undergo verifcation.
Continuing to use deep learning will of course further increase the accuracy of defect detection.
This ongoing improvement dramatically decreases the verifcation workload, helping to create an AVI process with minimal operator and time requirements.

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Automatic Final Visual Inspection System FP-9200