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SCREEN PE Solutions Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce its development of the Ledia Qs, a high-definition direct imaging system that supports package boards. The product will be launched in June 2024



Ledia Qs
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Demand for semiconductor devices, particularly at datacenters, has grown globally in recent years, spurred by widespread adoption of 5G and IoT infrastructure and the development of new technological domains like generative AI. The printed circuit board industry is no exception, and investment in the high-end circuit board segment, with a particular focus on package boards with semiconductor devices, is expected to continue in the future.

Although adoption of stepper and other technology in solder resist exposure processes for high-end circuit boards has risen to date, the introduction of direct imaging systems capable of satisfying increasingly stringent requirements in areas like positioning accuracy, resolution, and convenience has been much anticipated.

SCREEN developed the Ledia Qs, a new model in the Ledia Series, to satisfy these industry needs. The new system adds technology developed for the Ledia 8F, which was announced last year, to SCREEN’s proprietary exposure head, which offers the highest resolution of any broad-wavelength exposure system in the industry, so that it can deliver a sophisticated combination of high imaging quality and stable image positioning accuracy.

By expanding the Ledia Series in this way, SCREEN will accelerate its business in the printed circuit board market, which continues to grow, while contributing to the development of the electronic device industry going forward by meeting a variety of needs.

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