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Kyoto, Japan – November 1st, 2023 – SCREEN PE Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN PE) has finalized the development of its new Ledia 8F direct imaging system. SCREEN PE has specifically designed the Ledia 8F for the package, module, and other high-precision substrates as we see rapidly growing demand for applications such as 5G communications, IoT infrastructure, and generative AI. This new system is scheduled to be released in November.



Ledia 8F
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In recent years, the increasing adoption of 5G-compatible smartphones and IoT infrastructure based around in-vehicle and industrial equipment, as well as advances in generative AI, have all driven a rapid increase in demand for the PCBs installed in related electronic devices.

As a result, the need for high-precision image positioning has continued to rise and it requires higher accuracy than ever before particularly for HDI substrates manufactured by the mSAP method, module, and package substrates, which are produced using both the SAP and mSAP methods.

SCREEN PE will soon release the latest addition to its Ledia series: the new Ledia 8 high-precision model to meet this need. The Ledia series already boasts a total of over 800 systems installed worldwide and it has become the “De Facto” standard for broad wavelength direct imaging systems. The Ledia 8F shares the same precise imaging capabilities and stability that has become so highly regarded from the industry, along with SCREEN PE’s proprietary wavelength mixing technology. A complete revamp of the model’s structure also enables it to deliver more accurate imaging than ever before.

The Ledia 8F is also equipped with new “Constant Calibration” technology. It is already performing positioning and correction for the next substrate to be processed in the background meanwhile exposing one substrate, which helps to maximize system performance. This extremely versatile model has been carefully designed to meet market needs, including support for FC-BGA and other substrates requiring high-precision imaging.

SCREEN PE expects to accelerate its business in the PCB market with the upcoming expansion of its Ledia series line-up, which is experiencing and continuing growth centered around the deployment of telecommunications and IoT infrastructure. SCREEN PE will continuously be moving forward and is fully committed to meeting the diverse needs of the electronic device industry and to promoting growth in this important field.

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