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Kyoto, Japan – March 9, 2023 – SCREEN PE Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN PE) has finalized development of its Ledia 7F-L Direct Imaging System. SCREEN PE has created the new model to support high-precision pattern formation on large-size substrates and metal masks as they see growing demand for, particularly, telecommunications and IoT infrastructure applications. The Ledia 7F-L is scheduled for release in April.



Ledia 7F-L
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In recent years, increasing adoption of 5G-compatible smartphones and tablets as well as IoT infrastructure based around in-vehicle and industrial equipment, plus the current digital transformation (DX), have all driven a rapid increase in demand for the PCBs installed in related electronic devices. As a result, the need for high-precision pattern formation has continued to rise, even for large-size items such as probe cards and the high density multilayer substrates used for server and telecommunications applications.

To meet this need, SCREEN PE will soon release the latest addition to its Ledia series: the new Ledia 7F-L for high-precision patterning of large-size substrates. The Ledia series already boasts a total of over 800 systems installed worldwide and it has become the de facto standard for broad wavelength direct imaging systems.

The Ledia 7F-L shares the same precise imaging capabilities that have become so highly regarded by the industry along with SCREEN PE’s proprietary wavelength mixing technology. It also achieves a high level of equipment rigidity that ensures consistent positioning accuracy even on large substrates of up to 661 x 813 mm.

In addition, the Ledia 7F-L is able to provide the high aspect ratio pattern formation required by ongoing semiconductor miniaturization as well as the increasingly fine line widths needed for metal masks and various other materials and applications. This wide range of features makes it a highly versatile system that is fully capable of satisfying market requirements.

With the upcoming expansion of its Ledia series lineup, SCREEN PE expects to accelerate its business in the PCB market, which is experiencing continuing growth centered around the deployment of telecommunications and IoT infrastructure. The move is part of SCREEN PE’s ongoing plan to progressively introduce new products to the electronic components field and further expand its areas of business.

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