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Kyoto, Japan – September 10, 2021 – SCREEN PE Solutions Co., Ltd. has developed a printed circuit board direct imaging system, which is called “Ledia 7F.” The system exclusively supports high-definition pattern formation for High Density Interconnect (HDI) substrates and package substrates, that current market demand is rapidly expanding such as 5G and IoT infrastructure. It will be on sale from October 2021.



Ledia 7F
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In recent years, the demand for printed circuit boards mounted on electronic devices has increased, which is appreciated by the rapid spread of IoT infrastructure centered on 5G-compatible smartphones, tablets, in-vehicle, and industrial equipment. On the other hand, HDI substrates and package substrates are becoming smaller and denser, which is essential to form higher resolution patterns than before. An increasing demand from the printed circuit board industry to direct imaging systems, that we must achieve high definition of drawing performance as well as high productivity.

With the experience of dominating direct imaging systems in printed circuit boards production, we have been recognized as the de facto standard in the solder resists*1 industry and we are proudly announcing the “Ledia 7F” to meet the current market’s demand. This device has evolved from the conventional model*2 with a proven track record and incorporates advanced technology for further improving the imaging position accuracy and renew the exposure section mechanism. By reducing the spot size of the exposed surface by 30%*3 it supports solder resist exposure of high-end package substrates. In addition, the higher resolution of the data feeding pitch has made it possible to draw diagonal lines and curves more smoothly. It is a highly versatile device, that can be used for pattern formation with high aspect ratios such as metal masks and electronic components.

We will continuously accelerate business development in the HDI and package board market by expanding the line-up of the Ledia series to meet the expansion of 5G and IoT infrastructure. Furthermore, we are willing to contribute to the development of the printed circuit board industry’s various demands.

*1 An insulating protective film that covers the surface of a printed circuit board
*2 Our Ledia 6F
*3 Compared to our conventional products

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