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Kyoto, Japan - May 31, 2018 - SCREEN PE Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN PE) has finalized development of its new LANZAN direct imaging system for PCB patterning. LANZAN features a proprietary high-precision exposure engine independently developed by SCREEN PE. The system will be on display at JPCA Show 2018 (48th International Electronic Circuits Exhibition), to be held at Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake, Tokyo from June 6 (Wed) to 8 (Fri).

 Expected start date for sales      June 2018
 Expected annual sales (first year)     
                                                    12 systems

In recent years, the smartphone market has seen rapid improvements in functionality while there have also been major advances in the incorporation of OLED panels, adoption of larger batteries and supporting of high frequencies. This growth has raised expectations for continuing progress in the development of more compact and precise main circuit boards. It has also triggered an ongoing shift in circuit patterning toward mSAP (modified semi-additive process)*1 as handling has become more difficult with mainstream subtractive process.*2

At present, a 60um pitch is standard for mSAP, however, current progress is expected to lead to the adoption of an even more precise 40um pitch. As this evolution continues, board manufacturers are increasingly calling for direct imaging systems with the ability to deliver greater accuracy.

In response to this growing need, SCREEN PE has developed LANZAN, a new direct imaging system that is specifically designed for the mass production of circuit patterns using next-generation mSAP technology. LANZAN is equipped with a proprietary wide-angle, high-precision exposure engine and is able to perform extremely rapid, single pass imaging of high-definition circuit patterns at a minimum line width of 8 um.

Non-stop image capture is also possible thanks to the high positioning accuracy (±7 um) achieved by LANZAN's advanced alignment technologies. The system also features a wide range of other functions that support imaging quality of the highest level, including auto-focus and mechanical clamp*3 technologies. LANZAN truly offers industry-leading high-precision imaging and productivity.

With its many specialized features for circuit pattern exposure, LANZAN fully complements SCREEN PE's Ledia series of direct imaging systems for imaging solder mask layers. In total, more than 460 Ledia systems have already been installed worldwide. This comprehensive lineup clearly demonstrates how SCREEN PE is working to meet the various needs of the PCB industry.

*1. Modified semi-additive process form circuit patterns in a plating process that uses insulting resin with copper foil attached.
*2. Subtractive process form circuit patterns in an etching process that removes only the non-circuit parts of a conductor from an entirely coated board.
*3. The clamping system mechanically holds down the edges of boards to eliminate warping.

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