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Kyoto, Japan - June 7, 2017 - SCREEN PE Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN PE) has finalized development of its cutting-edge MIYABI 7 automatic optical inspection system. MIYABI 7 features an advanced proprietary optical system and all new inspection logic. The system will be on display at JPCA Show 2017 (47th International Electronic Circuits Exhibition), to be held at Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake, Tokyo from June 7 to 9.


Recent years have seen major advances in the development of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets as well as increasing adoption of safety technologies such as automatic operation and anti-collision systems for vehicles. These trends have in turn driven a requirement for ever greater definition and density in the production of HDI and flexible PCBs.

In response to this rapidly growing need, SCREEN PE has drawn on its 30 plus years of experience with PCB inspection systems to develop new industry-leading technologies. The result is the MIYABI 7 automatic optical inspection system. MIYABI 7 delivers significantly improved detection accuracy while also providing easier operation, and is specifically designed to handle high-end HDI boards.

MIYABI 7's new technologies include a proprietary multi-angle line/dome illumination system that enables clearly superior inspection results, even on boards for which it is usually difficult to maintain sufficient contrast between pattern and substrate areas. It is also possible to choose between light sources with three different wavelengths according to the board type being processed. This ability allows the creation of a consistently optimal inspection environment for a wide range of substrate materials.

The system is also equipped with SCREEN PE's versatile pad and line inspection feature, a function that performs length measurement using individual parameters for both pad and line widths. Length measurement is also greatly enhanced by new logic software that allows inspection of holes at sub-micron levels. Together these features enable a dramatic leap forward in the accuracy of defect detection.

Users of MIYABI 7 will also benefit from SCREEN PE's complete revamp of its CU-9000 setup station. The dedicated system eliminates complex setting procedures and supports the creation of a highly user-friendly and intuitive operator environment from initial setup right through to the confirmation of inspection conditions.

Extremely powerful in its own right, MIYABI 7 achieves even greater improvements in PCB quality when linked to one of SCREEN PE's Ledia direct imaging systems. It also offers superior process management when combined with the company's Sentflow workflow system. With MIYABI 7, SCREEN PE has again demonstrated its commitment to developing new technologies that improve PCB manufacturing processes and lead to the creation of new value, as well as the advancement of the overall PCB industry.

Note: MIYABI 7 is scheduled for commercial release toward the end of August 2017.

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