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Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI Series

UV Inkjet Label Printing System
True Flexibility complemented with extraordinary speed and quality for labels.

Building up the technology of the most stable and successful printers of its kind, the Truepress LABEL 350UV and 350UV+ series, the new Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI range additionally offers improved color reproduction as well as superior scalability enabling it to meet an even wider variety of market needs.
And therefore our innovative and specifically engineered inks maximize the series’ already outstanding quality, stability and compatibility to support a wide range of applications. With excellent colorfastness, chemical resistance and required compliances, you can be confident that your end users will love your labels.

Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI Series


  • Three models specially designed models to meet any requirementsThe wide line-up provides printing companies with the optimal model for any current application while also allowing them to flexibly expand functionality as their operations grow. Each of these three systems can be upgraded on-site with additional colors.
    Model Ink configuration Productivity
    Normal Additional Full color Full color+ White
    E model
    Entry model
    CMYK White, Orange 60m/min*
    *Standard: 50m/min;
    Option: 60m/min.
    S model
    Standard model
    CMYKW White, Orange,
    *Under development
    60m/min 50m/min*
    *Standard: 30m/min;
    Option: 50m/min.
    LM model
    Food packaging label model
    CMYKW Orange 60m/min 30m/min
  • L350UVSAI_02_E.pngMajor increases in productivity enable efficient handling of mixed, medium lot and fast turnaround workWith SAI-S model, print speeds have been boosted to 60 meters per minute, while the time required for preparation work has been dramatically shortened compared to an analog press. A single SAI system can now deliver the same level of productivity as three analog web presses.
  • sai_img03.pngSeven inks ensure superior color reproduction while an extra printhead provides optimum scalabilityC, M, Y and K, it can be loaded with white, orange and blue inks for a total of seven colors. Plus, extra color can be loaded on-site. The system also features stable color reproduction. This could print the same quality whether you will print them this morning, this afternoon, next week or next year. These technologies provide a far wider range of color expression than was previously possible.
  • RELIABILITY and ROBUSTNESSWith over 200 installations worldwide, we found that the uptime of the 350UV + series at our customers lie between 90-95%. Some architectural and software improvements will make that the uptime of the Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI will be at least as high.



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    Our proprietary UV inkjet technologies enable the creation of smooth gradations in a single pass, top level productivity and high color gamut CMYK output. They have been widely praised by customers who value our marketing-leading expertise.