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Truepress JET 520HD Series

Full color high-speed roll-fed Inkjet digital printing system
Capitalizing on the quality, speed, accuracy, and innovation in inkjet printing, we are continually evolving the Truepress JET 520HD Series printing.

The Truepress JET 520HD Series delivers outstanding expressive power rivaling offset printing. This includes the speed and reliability to easily handle high-volume needs. It also offers the type of flexibility only available with digital printing, enabling a completely new level of added value. All systems always perform at their maximum potential thanks to an advanced workflow platform.

Truepress JET 520HD Series


  • 520HD_img01_1.pngMaximum resolution of 1,200 dpiThe adoption of newly developed grayscale heads allows multi-droplet printing at a resolution of 1,200 dpi. This enables extremely high-quality output of the gradations for middletones, supporting smooth color reproduction with minimal graininess. And conventional inkjet presses are known for their issues with printing microtext and fine lines. Thanks to its maximum resolution of 1,200 dpi and minimum droplet size of two picoliters, the Truepress JET 520HD delivers extremely precise reproduction even in this range. The result is a sharp, eye-catching finish with no spread of ink or jaggies.
  • 乾燥ユニット.pngPowerful drying systemThe Truepress JET 520HD series features SC inks, designed to provide rich expression across a wide color gamut on coated papers, and a powerful drying system with the capacity to support many different paper types.
    An optimized combination of drying mechanisms including an NIR (near infrared) constant temperature dryer, heated rollers and air heating units can be created to suit any paper types and production  nvironment.
    The newly released Truepress JET 520HD AD combines a constant temperature dryer with small diameter heated rollers to deliver the best drying performance of any system in the series.
  • Fast RIP with advanced graphics processingEQUIOS is a solution platform that draws on our extensive prepress and printing knowledge to further enhance the superb speed and quality offered by Truepress JET 520HD systems. Its RIP core incorporates Adobe’s PDF Print Engine, supporting native processing of PDFs as well as rapid processing of variable data.
  • JI.pngJetInspectionAs print quality has continued to increase, calls for improved detection capabilities have also grown.
    The JetInspection, optional software that is capable of performing highly comprehensive real-time inspection of high-quality variable images across all pages, in addition to of course providing conventional processing of OCR fonts and decoding of bar codes. As well as significantly reducing cost and time requirements, JetInspection supports the development of new printing applications.

    Click here for information on JetInspection Series
  • 520HD_02.pngSC+ ink Our SC+ inks are proprietary water-based inks designed to print directly onto offset coated paper.
    Their unique permeability and adhesion technologies eliminate the need for an anchor coat while helping to preserve the texture of papers and reduce operating costs.
    SC+ inks offer high density with no bleeding, enabling the formation of sharp, well-defined dots. This allows the Truepress JET 520HD series to create rich, vibrant color comparable with offset printing. The reproduction of deeper blacks opens up new, higher-quality applications that will allow printing companies to truly differentiate themselves.

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  • Transactional


    SCREEN high-speed roll-fed printing systems can make a major difference to the visual appeal of monthly financial statements, invoices, certificates and other documents. Their outstanding precision and quality also add significant value to customer communications.

  • Publishing


    SCREEN high-speed roll-fed printing systems make it possible to build a publishing and book printing business of unprecedented quality. Our inkjet systems provide variable support even for full color elements with differing text, greatly increasing throughput.


  Truepress JET 520HD Truepress JET 520HD+ Truepress JET 520HD AD
Printing system Inkjet, Piezo single-pass DOD
Controller EQUIOS: PS, PDF, PDF/VT (standard)
IPDS Controller: AFP/IPDS (optional)
Inks Truepress ink SC (CMYK), Truepress ink SC+ (CMYK)
Resolution Max. 1,200 × 1,200 dpi
Printing speed Max. 150 m (492')/min. (with option)*
Printing width 150 to 508 mm (6" to 20")
Media width 165 to 520 mm (6.5" to 20.4")
Media thickness 40 to 250 gsm (up to 157 gsm at a speed of 150 m/min.)*
Operating environment Temperature: 18 to 24°C (64.4 to 75.2°F) (no sudden temperature changes)
Humidity: 40 to 60% (no condensation)
Dimensions (printer section only) 4,070 × 2,370 × 2,200 mm
(160.3" × 93.4" × 86.7")
4,070 × 2,370 × 2,400 mm
(160.3" × 93.4" × 94.5")
4,290 × 2,370 × 2,360 mm
(168.9" × 93.4" × 93.0")
Weight Approx. 4,120 kg
(Approx. 9,064 lb)
Approx. 4,162 kg
(Approx. 9,156 lb)
Approx. 4,680 kg
(Approx. 10,296 lb)
Drying system Air heating + heat drum Air heating + heat drum + additional dryer (NIR) Advanced Dryer unit
Power requirements Printer
Controller:Three phase 200 to 240 V, 30 A / 380 to 415 V, 20 A
Heater:Three phase 200 to 240 V, 110 A / 380 to 415 V, 55 A
Controller PC:Single phase 100 to 240 V, 2 A
Controller:Three phase 200 to 240 V, 30 A / 380 to 415 V, 20 A
Heater:Three phase 200 to 240 V, 110 A / 380 to 415 V, 55 A
Controller PC:Single phase 100 to 240 V, 2 A
Additional dryer (NIR):Three phase 180 to 220 V, 110 A / 380 to 480 V, 50 A (A separate 400 V step-up transformer is required when using 200 V facilities.)
Heater & controller:Three phase 200 to 240 V, 120 A / 380 to 415 V, 75 A
Heater:Three phase 200 to 240 V, 130 A / 380 to 415 V, 80 A
Controller PC:Single phase 100 to 240 V, 2 A

* Under SCREEN conditions