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JetInspection Series

Ensures Optimal Print Quality and Results

The Truepress Jet520 series of standard and high definition printers, print beautifully,
economically and consistently but that is not always enough. The JetInspection solution brings
invaluable supporting functionality.


  •  img01_e.jpgHigh Resolution Scanning System
    High-speed daily adjustment of printheads

    JetInspection uses highly sensitive scanning technologies to perform precise printhead adjustments that are essential for quality control in inkjet presses. The system greatly reduces the time needed for correction work that is required when setting up a new paper and a paper that is not printing perfectly across the web. This reduces the time that your printer is not printing.
  • img02_e.pngMonitoring Solution
    Checking of nozzle health during printing [Nozzle Check & Real Time Monitor]
    This solution inserts specialized check sheets before, after and at fixed intervals during job processing to diagnose the condition of nozzles for all printheads as printing is performed. Its real-time monitoring function also displays print results, images captured every 10 seconds, on a viewer for immediate inspection.
    Note: Only available for the Truepress Jet520HD version
  • jetinspe-img01.jpgEvidence Solution
    Enhanced reliability using print result data [OCR & Decode]
    Text information such as names, addresses and values as well as 1 and 2D barcodes can all be decoded and saved as log data. The information can be written to a CSV file, enabling it to be used on virtually any upstream system. This allows evidence to be quickly supplied to clients.

    Evidence Solution
    Clear presentation of evidence [All Image Storage]
    All print results on the entire surface of each page can be captured and saved as images. With one to one marketing, in which the printed content differs for each person, images constitute powerful evidence. They contribute greatly to building and maintaining a relationship of trust with clients.
  • Full Variable Inspection Solution
    Comprehensive, full page inspection and record management
    The RIP’ed data and final output results undergo a full surface comparative inspection, enabling all data on each sheet, including variable data, to be checked in real time. OCR and barcode reading (decoding) are also performed at up to four items per page.
    The internal attribute information of PDFs such as their ID number and recipient name can be read and used to manage pages as individual records.
    The insertion of variable barcodes for record management allows the creation of a streamlined automated workflow that also includes postpress systems. This helps to significantly improve on site efficiency.