LIA Plasma CVD Equipment VC-R400G/F

SCREEN's proprietary LIATM(Low Inductance Antenna) plasma source enables ultra high speed, high quality vacuum deposition.


  1. CVD equipment ideal for experiments, research, evaluation, and trial production.
  2. Using the assistive effect of LIA™-ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) enables high speed, high accuracy, and low damage deposition
    About LIATM
  3. Multipoint control (either manual or automatic) enables more detailed uniformity. Various other options are available as well.
  4. Newly developed bias power supply available for use with DLCs.
  5. Ultra high-speed deposition possible. (more than 5x faster than SCREEN's conventional units)
  6. The results obtained with this machine are easily fed back to the production machine. We support customers' efficient development and mass production deployment to realize a highly productive mass production environment.

Main applications

DLC, Functional films, Surface modification, Surface treatment, Etching


 Model name
 Substrate type
Square substrate
(Glass, Metal, etc.)
Resin film (PET, PEN),
metal foil
 Target for deposition
DLC, SiN, SiO, etc.
 Substrate size*
W400 x L500 mm
500 mm width
 Deposition method
Deposition down, static deposition (or in-line deposition)
 Stage temp
Max. 500℃

* Contact us for other substrate sizes.

* LIA is a registered trademark and/or a trademark of EMD Corporation.

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