A wide range of lineups for the latest displays, LCD and OLED

Televisions, smartphones, in-vehicle displays... In our modern world, these display devices provide us with a wealth of information that is essential to our daily lives.

SCREEN Finetech Solutions’ core business is the development and production of equipment required for the manufacturing processes of various types of displays such as LCD and OLED, and the development of next-generations displays.

1 micrometer level

Displays are becoming larger and more high-definition. In the manufacturing process, it is required to uniformly form an ultra-thin film of 1 micrometer level on a glass substrate of up to about 3 × 3 m.

Half a century

In 1976, we developed a carrier-type surface treatment system for monochrome LCDs, and since then, we have been developing and manufacturing display manufacturing equipment for about half a century.
In 1999, we launched the SK series of Coater/Developer for 4th-generation substrates, and have been developing equipment to support the increasing size of glass substrates.

No.1 global share

We have the world's top share* of array coater/developers for the manufacturing process of LCD and OLED displays.
To date, we have delivered more than 1,000 units to major panel manufacturers around the world.
*According to our research in 2022

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