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August 23th, 2017, Chinese senior lithium ion battery equipment supplier, Shenzhen Haoneng Technology Co., Ltd. (In short "Haoneng Technology") and Japanese manufacturer, the global top of the display production equipment, SCREEN Finetech Solutions Co., Ltd.(In short "SCREEN FT") held the signing ceremony in Shenzhen China, promised to work together to make the high-end lithium ion battery manufacturing equipment. SCREEN FT will install equipment at Haoneng Technology near feature. Both companies will jointly develop and evaluate, and will respond to the needs of customers.

In order to open up environmental friendly new energy equipment market, especially in the section of smart automation lithium ion manufacturing equipment, Haoneng Technology and SCREEN FT's cooperation have a nature fit.

Haoneng Technology has been always on the top in lithium battery manufacturing equipment Industry, because Haoneng Technology equipped with very high standard manufacturing ability, excelsior quality, experimentally after sales team and other high level service. SCREEN FT provides equipment to respond customers' needs in the lithium ion battery industry by utilizing the significant expertise in coating and drying technologies acquired during the creation of its coater/developer systems, which currently hold an approximately 70 percent share of the world display manufacturing market.

This cooperation is really an alliance between two giants, using each other's own special skill and work together to develop the highest standard lithium ion battery manufacturing equipment to meet the customer's requirement in domestic, even international market.

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