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Kyoto, Japan - October 25, 2018 - SCREEN Finetech Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN FT) has released a production model of its RT-T700F tandem roll to roll coater/dryer and completed delivery of the system to key customers. The new RT-T700F is able to continuously coat and dry the individual materials for the negative and positive terminals of lithium ion rechargeable batteries* onto both sides of electrode foils.

Fulfillment of these orders is expected to provide a firm foothold for the company to accelerate its expansion into the market for production systems for lithium ion rechargeable batteries. The field is currently showing strong growth, led by increasing demand for devices for electric vehicles such as electric cars and hybrid and plugin hybrid vehicles.

In recent years, governments and auto makers in countries around the world have begun to focus on a policy shift toward the adoption of electric vehicles, with the goal of promoting a low carbon society. Battery manufacturers are planning large scale investment in production facilities for devices for these vehicles and, as a result, electrical storage capacity is expected to increase from a total of 131 GWh in 2017 to more than 400 GWh by 2025. These changes have created a growing need for systems that can effectively support the mass production of lithium ion rechargeable batteries.

Responding to these trends, in 2014, SCREEN FT began to ship the first models in its RT series of roll to roll coater/dryers, targeting the lithium ion rechargeable battery market. The company's latest release, the RT-T700F tandem roll to roll coater dryer, inherits its predecessors' high-precision coating and high-speed drying technologies with migration inhibition. In addition, its tandem configuration delivers significant improvements in productivity.

The performance benefits offered by the system have been recognized by the rechargeable battery market, with SCREEN FT recently fulfilling customer orders from key manufacturers. SCREEN FT intends to use the momentum created by the deliveries to further expand its business in the lithium ion rechargeable battery field. These efforts are expected to make a significant contribution to the continuing growth of the market.

* These electrical devices utilize a chemical reaction (oxidation and reduction) to generate direct current. Lithium ions are transferred between the negative and positive terminals. This enables charging and discharge, allowing the batteries to be reused.

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