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Kyoto, Japan - September 7, 2017 - SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. plans to release its IM-3200 automatic visual inspection system for in-vehicle forged parts to the global market in September. Automotive manufacturers worldwide are increasingly calling for technologies that will allow them to improve safety and factory automation in the production processes for in-vehicle forged parts. In response, SCREEN has decided to accelerate the strategic roll-out of its highly successful automatic inspection systems in the global market.


Global production of vehicles has expanded dramatically in recent years, with output increasing to some 94.97 million units in 2016, a rise of around 4.5% from the previous year.* Particularly in industrialized countries, this trend has led to growing calls for the creation of systems that can prevent the on-flow of manufacturing defects at the component level.

However, the forged parts used in engines, brakes and other areas with high safety requirements must demonstrate extreme strength and durability. As a result, both their shapes and surfaces exhibit complex characteristics that usually necessitate full visual inspection by operators during manufacturing. With production of these parts expected to continue rising worldwide, there is an urgent need for improved automation within inspection processes to increase their reliability.

Responding to these trends, in September 2015, SCREEN launched the IM-3100, the industry's first-ever fully automated final inspection system for the forged parts used in in-vehicle components. The IM-3100 has proven to be highly effective for the Japanese automotive industry, enabling increased automation that improves both quality control and yield rates.

The new IM-3200 inherits the same proprietary SCREEN image processing technologies employed in the inspection procedures used by the IM-3100. The system also fully complies with the safety standards required to obtain CE marking in Europe and UL marking in the US.

SCREEN anticipates the upcoming release of its new IM-3200 will provide a significant boost to its global business, with demand expected to grow strongly in the future. The company will continue to focus on meeting diverse industry needs as it works to support the development of the automatic final inspection field.

* Based on information published by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association on international trends in vehicle production, exports, sales and retention.
Note: SCREEN will introduce the IM-3200 at EMO Hannover, to be held in Hannover, Germany from September 18 (Mon) to 23 (Sat).

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