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Trupress Jet650UV


Suitable for print-on-demand production of operation panels and gauges.

Most products these days, including cars and home electronics, are produced in small lots targeted to different segments of the market. What’s more, due to a desire to make these products stand out from those of competitors, there is increasing demand for stylish designs. At the same time, manufacturing processes continue to shift to just-in-time, inventory-less production. For all of these reasons, demand is now developing for fast turnaround of small-lot, high-quality printing of different versions of operation panels and gauges – an objective that is extremely difficult to achieve using traditional screen printing methods. The Truepress Jet650UV is an industrial printing solution for companies that want print-on-demand efficiency for the production of operation panels and gauges.


Automobile gauges and home electronics operation panels (including 3-D products), ID cards, drinking can samples, etc.

●High performance

・The Truepress Jet650UV’s use of a linear motor drive enables a maximum printing speed of 1,300 cm2/min (under Screen’s recommended conditions).

・The Truepress Jet650UV uses Screen’s original UV cured inks, which are compatible with a variety of media, and can also use white inks (optional) to print in full, vibrant color on transparent media.

・With an equipment depth of just 4 meters, the Truepress Jet650UV saves a great deal of space as compared with traditional screen printing presses.

●Photo quality

・With its high maximum output resolution of 2,400 x 2,400 dpi and grayscale piezo drop on demand (DOD) inkjet heads, the Truepress Jet650 UV can create high-precision output of a quality that approaches that of offset printing.

●High precision

・The Truepress Jet650UV features automatic media alignment and θ adjustment (micro-angle adjustment) of the printing table. This helps ensure superior printing precision when printing on both sides of transparent media or using overprinting.

●High reliability

・The Truepress Jet650UV features a variety of printhead quality maintenance functions, including a nozzle clogging monitoring function and non-contact wiping, which ensure optimal printing conditions are maintained at all times. The Truepress Jet650UV also has a function that prevents the heat of the UV light source from distorting resin-type media.

・The Truepress Jet650UV uses Truepress Ink, Screen’s original flexible UV ink. Products printed using Truepress Ink can be cut, bent, or even compressed during post-processing. Truepress Ink is available in cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white*,  clear*, Lc / Lm(Hard ink only)*, and additional color modules*.

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