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Downloading an SDS file

Downloading an SDS file

SDS* files provide useful information to ensure safety for handling substances, including the identification of substances (composition), ecological information, physical and chemical properties, and hazard identification.
In order to ensure the safety of the customer when using our products, SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. provides a dedicated Web page for downloading the SDS files.

* Safety Data Sheet

How to download an SDS file

  1. Select the model of your inkjet printer.
  2. Please agree to our privacy policy begore filling in the form.
  3. An email containing a URL address for downloading will automatically be sent to the registered email address.
  4. Select the relevant ink on the download Web page.
  5. Enter the ink code as the password.
  6. The SDS file in your desired language can now be downloaded.


When you download an SDS file, you will be required to enter the product name and ink code of your ink.
Please check the product name and ink code labeled on the ink container in advance.

SDS ink code

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