PlateRite 8600SL


Featuring Screen’s unique external drum recorder technology and high-precision optics, the PlateRite 8600SL is a high-performance B1-format CtP recorder capable of high-speed output of up to 22 plates an hour*.

* at 2,400 dpi (1,030 x 800 mm/40.5" x 31.4" plates)

Advanced external drum design

The thermal PlateRite series is constructed with a reliable external drum design. This makes it possible for the drum to spin at high speeds with the imaging head positioned close to the surface of the plate. Easy maintenance of the imaging head is another key advantage of this design. Individual laser diodes can be replaced as required.

Suitable for a wide range of plate sizes

The PlateRite 8600SL is suitable for use with a wide range of plate sizes, from 450 x 370 mm (17.8" x 14.6") (GTO size) to 1,150 x 940 mm (45.2" x 37"), and plate thicknesses, from 0.15 to 0.3 mm (6 to 11.8 mil). By popular request, the PlateRite 8600SL is now also compatible with B3-size vertically oriented plates. As a factory option, a plate size of 304 x 370 mm (12" x 14.6") can be supported .

Futuristic automated systems available (option)

Various automated systems, including plate transport and registration punch systems, can be used with the PlateRite 8600SL. Automated systems like these reduce labor and significantly increase operation efficiency. They also contribute to higher productivity and better press operating ratios.

An inline punching system dramatically shortens press makeready time.

Safe, efficient, fully digital workflow solutions

An efficient workflow is indispensable for making the best use of a CtP recorder. Dainippon Screen offers advanced, fast and safe digital workflows that promote automation and reduce labor throughout the print production process.

JDF/CIP4-compliant workflow system

Trueflow SE Rite Version 7

• All the functions you need for CtP output

Trueflow SE Rite is an entry-level workflow RIP featuring the basic Trueflow SE functions relating to CtP output. Like Trueflow SE, it boasts such standard features as TIFF output and recorder output. Trueflow SE Rite offers Hot Folder and Job Container workflows. Using it is easy. Operators simply drag and drop job data into the workflow Hot Folder to start CtP output.

Advanced features, such as automated trapping, imposition schemes and impositioning, can be added to Trueflow SE Rite as options. Trueflow SE Rite can even be upgraded to the full version of Trueflow SE at the production site, making it the perfect tool for a growing business.

  Output formats

* Option

For remarkably accurate color proof output

LabProof SE

RIPed TIFF files output by Trueflow SE Rite Version 7 are used in color matching with the aid of high-precision ICC profiles. As a result, proofs that are remarkably similar to the final printed output can be printed using an inkjet printer. This significantly increases proofing speed and cost-performance.

AM/FM hybrid screening

Spekta 2

Spekta 2, Screen’s hybrid screening, combines the best of AM and FM screening. It reduces moiré, increases color saturation, and eliminates problems with jagged edges on curves and diagonal lines.

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