PlateRite Ultima 16000N-Z/S/E


Industry-leading productivity enables faster turnaround

High-speed output of 42 plates per hour

Use of the latest GLV-equipped imaging heads creates significant improvements in the optical system, producing more uniform distribution of illumination. A high-precision auto-focus mechanism also allows the output of our proprietary Spekta 2 hybrid screening and Randot X 20 (20 μm) FM screening.* The Z model is equipped with a 1,024 channel imaging head that enables the production of an impressive 42 plates per hour. The S and E models also feature 512 channel heads, with respective throughputs of up to 29 and 17 plates per hour.
* For supported plate types

Flexibility to handle a wide range of plates

PTR-16000_img01_e.jpg A single system is able to handle plates with from four to 16 A4 pages. When fitted with the small size option, the same system can process plates right down to 450 x 370 mm (17.8" x 14.6").
• Productivity may vary depending on the sensitivity of the plates used.
• Productivity was measured during output at 2,400 dpi, with the unit connected to an MA-L multi-cassette plate autoloader.

Autoloader system boosts press operating ratios

MA-L16000N II multi-cassette autoloader


All three models are equipped with an MA-L16000N II autoloader system that automates the entire platemaking process, from loading through imaging and transport to developing and unloading. The MA-L16000N II comes standard with three plate cassettes (up to six as an option) and full automation of both plate supply and cassette switching. Each cassette holds up to 75 plates,* for a maximum of 450 stored in the autoloader. Even if different plate sizes are loaded into separate cassettes, the autoloader flexibly switches between the cassettes as required. This greatly extends the length of continuous operation, boosting press operating ratios and productivity as well as efficiency.
* For 0.3 mm plate

Energy-saving design dramatically reduces running costs

Gentle on the environment


We assess the environmental impact of all our products as a form of design review. The PlateRite Ultima 16000N series has been developed with the goals of minimizing energy use and environmental impact while maximizing safety.

  • Energy use during operation is reduced by up to 55%.*
  • A power-saving mode allows energy savings during idling.
  • Energy use during standby is reduced by up to 83%.*
  • All models are compatible with chemical-less plates from a range of manufacturers.
  • The use of a registration punch-less system cuts running costs.

* A comparison of the PlateRite Ultima 16000 and PlateRite Ultima 16000N-Z when a plate insertion table is used.
The test involved imaging high-sensitivity material of 1,470 x 1,165 mm (57.8" x 45.8"). As power consumption is also affected by the operating environment and other external factors, the above values cannot be guaranteed.

Advanced support boosts system reliability

Remote monitoring function


Users can easily monitor and control their system from a remote location via Web browser or e-mail.* An external PC can also be effectively used as a substitute operation panel to manage CtP settings. E-mails are automatically forwarded to a service center, providing an in-depth understanding of the operation status of the equipment. This information can be used during maintenance and periodic inspections to ensure the system remains in optimal condition at all times.
* Can be forwarded to up to five e-mail addresses

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