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drupa 2012 FlashReport Vol.3

Universal Workflow EQUIOS

EQUIOS is always the center of each market solution, controlling different output devices. For book market, it intgrates different printed parts such as jacket, cover and body as sections belonging to a single job and acceralates process automation. For tranpromo, it works with JetInspection and automatically makes reprinting and rejecting instruction according to the scanned results.
EQUIOS is the only one workflow that automates most efficient imposition and color management across different substrates and offers Web to Delivery Automation. You can enjoy deep and private demonstration in workflow booth available at Screen stand.



The world's top class productivity with lower power consuption CTP, PlateRite HD 8900Z is exhibited at Screen stand. PlateRite series is renowned as high-quality industry standard CTP proven by its worldwide top share*.
As a part of packaging solution, flexo/letterpress hybrid CTP PlateRite FX1524 is shown at Screen stand. Visitors can check high quality printed sample using 4,800dpi output and unique Flexo Dot screening.



In this e-publishing era, Screen belives we have to explore the additional value of printed paper media and propose eco-friendy printing process with facts open to public.
Screen live monitors and projects the amont of electricity the Truepress Jet520 uses during demo. Visitors can check its printing quality and productivity, as well as its lower power consumption friendly to ecology and running cost. Screen also exhibits eco-friedly flagship model CTP, PlateRite HD 8900Z, which saves 41% energy consumption/plate compared with our previous model.

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