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Ipex2010 FlashReport Vol.2

Truepress Jet520 series

The Truepress Jet520 has been known as the most reliable high-speed inkjet printer with the proven number of installation to the market.
At Ipex, Screen proposes new models and solutions of the Truepress Jet520 series, including solutions for commercial printers to enter the variable printing market and brand-new monochome model named Truepress Jet520EX for black-and-white ondemand printing market.

ipex2-1.JPG ipex2-2.JPG
[Left] Dual Engine Duplex configuration / [Right] New model "Truepress Jet520EX"(Monochrome)

The Truepress Jet520's ondemand book sample with glossy cover and IJ paper pages.

UV inkjet printers for sign and diplay and industrial-use

Screen demonstrates and diplays eye-catching quality of the samples of the Truepress Jet2500UV, wide format UV inkjet printing system. Screen also offers industrial printing applications such as speed meters, cards, operation panels for electrical appliances and more, printed by the Trupress Jet650UV.

ipex2-5 ipex2-6.JPG
[Left] Truepress Jet2500UV demo / [Right] Truepress Jet2500UV sample gallery

Truepress Jet650UV sample display

CtP PlateRite series/Print Automation Pavillion

8-page CtPs, PlateRite8000N series, features maximum 28% reduction of electricity consumption and higher productivity compared with current models.
Screen promotes environmental friendly print production through this products as well as high quality printing using 4,000 dpi output and original screening line-ups.
Flexo/Letterpress CtP, PlateRite FX1524, offers high-quality label and package printing capability with its 4,800dpi Stabydot screening technology.
At Print Automation Pavillion(No.7/E460), Screen introduces "End to End Automation" solution, printing production workflow connectivity beyond vendor barriers. Screen welcomes visitors who are looking for tips for business efficiency as well as partner vendors who want to participate in this project. Screen also offers licencing product of its cultivated imposition know-how, "EQUIOS Frontage", to other vendors to achieve further automation for printing companies.

One-to-One demonstration at the Print Automation Pavillion booth

Press conference

On the opening day of the show, the conference room that has more than 100 people capacity was filled with journalists from all over the world. From Screen, Yoshinori Tsuruya, vice-president of Dainippon Screen MFG. Brian Filler, president of DAINIPPON SCREEN (U.K.), Brian Forsdike, president of Screen Europe and Tim Taylor, marketing manager of Screen Europe made a presentation about its world's first B2 duplex inkjet printing press "Truepress JetSX", market proven high-speed variable printer "Truepress Jet520 series" and its strategic concept for workflow "EQUIOSNET". People at the conference paid great attention to those innovative technologies and casted lots of questions.

Press Conference

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